Atlanta HCI Scene

Beyond Georgia Tech, the greater Atlanta metropolitan area is a hotbed of user experience, user interface and human-computer interaction activities. We don’t have an exact count, but there are certainly several thousand professionals, working in companies large and small. Many, such as Home Depot, Delta, NCR, CNN, Turner Broadcasting, AT&T, Verizon, IBM, Google, and UPS,  have headquarter or regional offices here. There are also national and local advertising, web strategy, and design companies and consultancies. We also host a significant number of start-ups in the web space, including some started by MS-HCI alumni and nurtured in Georgia Tech’s incubator. With all these professionals working in a variety of roles, several professional groups have developed. Many of our students take advantage of the networking and career development opportunities presented by these groups:


IxDA Atlanta

Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association

UPA Atlanta

Atlanta Web Design Group

HFES Atlanta
           Atlanta UX Book Club

Atlanta UX LinkedIn

Atlanta UX Meetup

Atlanta Developers Meetup

              UX Mentors

You can also find a good sample of our Tweeters by searching for Atlanta user experience, Atlanta UX, or Atlanta UI. Georgia Tech alone is a crucible of HCI research. For instance, the annual GVU Center and Digital Media “Demo Days” typically showcases about 100 projects. Many master’s projects are supervised by faculty and researchers from the schools, research labs, centers, and institutes who participate in these events. Other projects are done in partnership with companies in the Atlanta area and beyond, often supervised by alumni of our program or members of our Industrial Advisory Board. And there are always HCI-related activities happening at GT and in Atlanta: weekly lunch-time talks by faculty and graduate students, design course poster sessions, meetups, gatherings of the local CHI and IxDA chapters and the GT Human Factors Society Chapter, Industrial Design showcases, distinguished lectures by visitors from Google, Microsoft, IBM and many others. All this creates a wonderful HCI community, a melting pot of ideas that makes being here very exciting and energizing.