Current Students' FAQ

Q: I have seen several versions of the MS-HCI requirements. Which one is correct?
The correct one is the one in effect in the semester you entered the program. It was distributed at orientation when you arrived. The requirements on the Georgia Tech registrar’s web page are typically a year behind due to the approval processes needed to finalize changes. Most of the changes occur as schools create new courses and delete old ones.

Q: What if I want to take a course that is not listed?
Speak with the MS-HCI advisor. Appropriate new courses and one-time special topics courses are often announced just before registration. Taking them is fine; if in doubt about a course, just ask – we want to encourage exploration in new areas!

Q: Can I use my internship or paid work during the academic year with a professor for my Master’s project?
You can leverage summer or semester paid work as the starting point for your project, but your project must be in addition to whatever you were paid to do, and it must be approved in advance.

Q: Must my MS-HCI project be advised by a faculty member from my home school, or from one of the three schools offering the degree?
Your advisor may be from any part of Georgia Tech, not just the three schools that offer the MS-HCI degree. They may also be from GeorgiaTech Research Institute (GTRI) or the Center for Assistive Technologies and Environmental Access (CATEA). See our list of academic faculty who have served, or are prepared to serve, as faculty advisors.