Forms and Documents

The following are PDFs of important forms. Follow all directions on the pages, and if you have any questions please direct them to our program coordinator. More forms and documents are available from the Registrar.

Form Description
Change of Major Form hosted on the Registrar site
Co-op Authorization Submit this when you have received an offer for a co-op job
Decision Notification Form (MS-HCI) To accept an offer of admission. Return to the academic advisor.
Degree Petition Hosted on the Registrar site
Graduate Student Exit Survey To be completed by graduate students in conjunction with the petition to graduate. Due: Prior to the deadline for graduation petitions.
MS-HCI Project Requirements + Permit 6998 Form Includes the Project Requirements, Project Proposal Approval and Permit 6998, and Project Completion forms in one pdf
Special Problems (CS 8903) Permit, School of Computer Science This form allows a student to register for a specified 8903 section. Due: First day of classes