Peter Stephenson

Sensentia, Inc.
Head of Business Development

Peter is an Innovation and Technology Director and Scientist with 25 years of experience in building and driving consumer and enterprise solutions from the lab into the business through multidisciplinary partnerships. He has expertise in developing industry-independent innovation processes with experience in health, education, entertainment, analytics and science. His current company, Sensentia, is a start-up redefining how people interact with the health care industry. Peter is responsible for defining the core business strategies for the company, developing key partnerships, and strategic customer engagement. Sensentia’s core technology can automatically model the knowledge stored in unstructured textual documents such that the information can be queried at a high level of accuracy. Questions and answers can be in natural language and structured as a dialog. He was previously a Strategic Consultant for Humana's Innovation Center.

Last modified: Oct. 28, 2015