Learn about the 50 faculty from the four sponsoring schools, plus additional HCI-active faculty. Each faculty can advise MS-HCI projects in areas related to their research interests.

Our faculty are well-recognized in their fields of endeavor, and include members of the CHI Academy and National Academy of Engineering, ACM, HFES and IEEE Fellows, technical and lifetime achievement awards, journal editors and conference chairs.

School of Aerospace Engineering
Name Title Research Interest
Associate Professor Cognitive engineering methods for designing technologies and work processes to support cognitive behaviors. Applications of cognitive engineering to aerospace engineering (including cockpit, air traffic control, and UAV operations), to educational technology, and to design tools.
Assistant Professor Decision Support Systems, especially in aviation and accounting for human limitations. Computational Cognitive Modeling for Engineering Design; predictive cognitive modeling. Mission control and UAV and MAV ground control systems.
School of Interactive computing
Name Title Research Interest
Assistant Professor Human-Centered Computing, Health Informatics, Health Communication
Distinguished Professor Ubiquitous/everyday computing
Senior Research Scientist Human learning, technology aid for Autism Spectrum Disorders, developmental psychology in robotics
Professor Computer vision; computational perception for human-robot interaction
Professor of the Practice Health information technology
Associate Professor Online communities and education,
Associate Professor Human-centered computing, information security, social computing, technology support for non-profits and NGOs,
Professor Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Computational Perception, Robotics and Computer Animation, Artificial Intelligence
Professor Information visualization, educational technology
Assistant Professor Social media
Professor Artificial intelligence, cognitive science, computational design, computational creativity, modeling human creativity in practical tasks
Associate Professor Relationships between human action, interaction, and computing; computer-supported cooperative work, sociology, software engineering and ubiquitous computing
Professor Computer science education, educational computing, software-realized scaffolding, collaborative multimedia, construction and design environments for students, constructionism, collaboration support, log file analysis and visualization, computational science (computer modeling, simulation, and visualization) for students
Associate Professor Biometric control interfaces, brain-computer interfaces, user interface reengineering, software engineering education
Assistant Professor Computer graphics and animation, including physics-based animation, character animation, numerical methods, robotics and computational biomechanics
Associate Professor Design and implementation of computer-enhanced interactive environments, augmented reality environments, exploration and design of prototype applications
Professor Supporting informal collaboration and awareness in office environments, enabling creative work and visual communication, augmenting social processes for managing personal information, ubiquitous computing, assistive technologies
Associate Professor Requirements engineering, design rationale and argumentation, user-centered design, and personal privacy
Assistant Professor Artificial intelligence, storytelling, and entertainment computing
Associate Professor Wearable computing, contextual computing, ubiquitous computing, artificial intelligence
Professor Information visualization, visual analytics, peripheral awareness
Assistant Professor Socially intelligent machines, artificial intelligence, human-robot interaction
School of Computational Science and Engineering
Name Title Research Interest
Assistant Professor data visualization, data mining, (explainable) machine learning, scalable interactive tools for big data
School of Industrial Design
Name Title Research Interest
Professor (joint with Applied Physiology) assistive and rehabilitation technologies; human centered design
Assistant Professor New Product Innovation, Assistive Technology, Universal Design, Human Factors and Ergonomics, User Needs/Usability, Applications of Virtual Reality in the Design Process, Wearable devices/medical devices, Marketing Management
Professor and ID School Chair human-centered, interactive product design; wearables
Professor of the Practice UI/UX, especially at the the hardware/software interface in transportation, housewares, electronics and all things green Ethnography & Data Analytics: Information design for complex databases & the human contexts that drive them. Advancing multi-disciplinary education in engineering and ID through connected platforms and shared physical and virtual spaces
Professor, Joint with IC Intelligent Systems and Objects, Design Computing and Cognition, Physical and Ubiquitous Computing, Intuitive Design Interfaces, Sketch Understanding, Diagram Indexing and Retrieval, Computationally Enhanced Construction Kits and Toys, Architectural Robotics, Ambient Intelligence and Smart Living Technologies
Associate Professor; CATEA Director Assistive Technologies and Universal Design
Assistant Professor Intergenerational design, communication technologies and healthy aging with special emphasis on exercising inclusive design, tangible interfaces/physical computing, and participatory design methods
School of Computer Science
Name Title Research Interest
Professor Human-centered computing, humanitarian computing, mobile wireless networking.
Research Scientist Mobility and convergence, network management
School of Literature, communication and culture
Name Title Research Interest
Assistant Professor Civic and Participatory Media, Design Ethics and Politics (Values and Design), Information Design and Visualization, Participatory and Co-design Methods
Professor, Director of Graduate Studies Videogame criticism, videogame rhetoric, and visualization, including game design and educational, persuasive, and political speech in games
Professor Augmented Reality design, media theory
Assistant Professor Critical design, participatory design, the construction of publics, imaging the city, community robotics.
Assistant Professor Integrating theoretical, empirical, and design-based investigations of community technologies; computer-supported cooperative work, social computing, urban computing, and values in design
Assistant Professor, Adjunct with computational creativity, interactive narrative, educational media, and AI-based digital performance
Professor Interactive narrative and eTV, interactive gaming, encyclopedic media
Assistant Professor Interaction in mixed media spaces, machinima, games and film, and digital performance
Assistant Professor Sociology of massively multiplayer games and virtual worlds, spatial media, game design
School of music
Name Title Research Interest
Assistant Professor, Adjunct with IC New instruments for musical expression, musical networks, machine and robotic musicianship, sonification, and music education
Assistant Professor Computer vision, real-time music notation, and networked music
School of Psychology
Name Title Research Interest
Professor Instructional design, problem solving, use of task analysis to identify what learners and trainees need to know and do, computer-based (multimedia) instructional environments, animations and embodied conversational agents (ECAs)
Professor Engineering psychology, cognitive ergonomics
Professor Engineering psychology, human factors and aging
Professor Engineering psychology, human factors and aging
Associate Professor, joint withIC Sonification, auditory interfaces, user-centered design
School of Architecture
Name Title Research Interest
Professor, joint with Computer-aided design, solids modeling and engineering databases, and design theory
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Name Title Research Interest
Assistant Professor Transit traveler information systems, applications of Value Sensitive Design in transportation information
School of Biomedical Engineering
Name Title Research Interest
Associate Professor Biomedical and Health Informatics, Molecular Imaging, Mobile Health