The HC-Hive Podcast

The HC-Hive is a podcast produced by students of the MSHCI program aimed at expanding exposure to the diversity of HCI work. Students interview people of interest in the field of HCI on topics ranging from the various career paths in HCI to groundbreaking research and initiatives in the field.

If you would like to reach out to the producers of the show to suggest topics of interest or to ask questions about the show, please email Jordan Chen at We want to hear from you on how we can improve the listening experience of the show for our listeners.

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Episode 1 - Design Internships at Facebook

September 21, 2019

On this episode, I talk with Shelly Xi Chen, Isabel Newsome, and Hiroo Aoyama about their experience working as Product Design Interns at Facebook. We discuss the process of landing a design internship and how design work is done at Facebook over the course of a summer internship.

Episode 2 - User Research Internships

October 4, 2019

This week on the HC-Hive, I talk to second-year MSHCI students Su Fang and Courtney Allen about their experiences as User Research Interns this summer at Verizon Media and Grubhub respectively. We discuss how they landed their internships, how the process of finding user research internships compares to UX design internships, what user research work looks like at companies of different sizes, and the lessons they learned over the summer.

Episode 3 - Design Education & Cross-Disciplinary HCI Work

October 26, 2019

This week, I talk with Jason Paul (MSHCI, Class of 2019) about how he decided to pursue HCI as a career, the importance of effective communication skills as an HCI professional, and being an advocate for the importance of HCI work in cross-disciplinary teams.

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