Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is the study of how people use computers throughout their lives. Therefore, our research seeks to develop interfaces that are useful, usable and enjoyable. It focuses on activities ranging from design to development to evaluation of computer systems, with a goal of understanding how computers and technology affect people and society.

Last modified: Jul. 24, 2014


Research (along with innovation in computing education) is one of the primary ways our program redefines the human experience of computing.

Research takes our faculty and students on a path to study, invent, and integrate the computational capabilities and their interactions that empower people and machines to affect the world.

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With the multidisciplinary nature of our research, our labs, centers, students, and faculty span four colleges at Georgia Tech.

Our research leverages the shared resources at centers like GVU. The following are Georgia Tech schools’ and research centers’ programs related to HCI.

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