Victoria A. Spaulding-Burford

Delta Airlines
IT Consultant - Horizontal UX Strategy
MBA '13, MS Eng Psyc '00

Victoria currently works as an IT consultant for Delta Airlines, however previously Victoria worked for State Farm, joining in early 2014 to help stand up State Farm’s newly internalized Digital UX Design Practice, which will ultimately be responsible for the strategy and delivery of all digital user experiences for customers, agents, adjusters and internal employee operations.  In her role, she is responsible for the implementation and maturity of User-Centered Design practices and UX Design operational models (e.g., UX practitioner roles, processes, tools), in addition to the strategic maturity of the Experience Architecture discipline within the Enterprise Architecture organization.

Prior to joining State Farm, Victoria served as a leader and UX practitioner for a variety of corporations and consulting firms over the past 18 years or so, including NCR, AT&T Labs, Delta Air Lines, Manheim, The Home Depot and IBM.  She earned her M.S. in Engineering Psychology and MBA in Global Business from Georgia Tech, and is very excited to serve on the Advisory Board for the program she’s followed closely and recruited top talent from since its inception!

Last modified: Dec. 26, 2018