Muchao Tang

Specialization in Industrial Design

"The MS-HCI program prepared me to work at Uber as a product design intern"

Rachel Chen

Specialization in Psychology

"I'm working on an interactive learning platform with the goal of making high-quality education content more accessible"

Rich Down

Specialization in Psychology

"I chose Georgia Tech because it is a premier research institution, with an unmatched variety of world-class engineering and scientific research here"

Andy Jin

Specialization in Psychology

"I was a UX design intern at The Home Depot in Atlanta, GA. As a "full stack" UX designer, I was responsible for both research and design."

Shruthi Padala

"I'm now a UX Designer at Symplicity!"

Annick Huber

Associate UX Design at AKQA

"The research preparation was extremely useful. It allowed me to get a better idea as to what the job entailed and what I would have to learn to get there."


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