Admissions Process

Students are admitted to the MS in Human-Computer Interaction program only in the Fall semester. Entering classes range in size from 55 to 65 students. 

Application due date 

Applications for enrollment in the Fall semester are due February 1 at 11:50 p.m. EST. There is no advantage in submitting your application early, although we suggest not waiting until the last minute as there are often delays in obtaining transcripts and letters of recommendation. Our review does not begin until after the application due date.

Remote video URL

The application 

The online application for the MS-HCI Program may be found on the website of the GT Graduate Office: 

On the online application, you will select the MS-HCI degree for one of the four participating schools (tracks): 

  • Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction (College of Computing)  

  • Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction (Industrial Design) 

  • Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction (Literature, Media and Communication) 

  • Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction (Psychology) 

You are advised to choose the track that aligns best with your background and goals. While applicants can apply to multiple tracks, a separate application must be submitted for each. However, an admitted student will be assigned to only one track. 

Acceptance notification 

Typically, acceptance notifications are sent by mid-March, and admission announcements are centrally managed by the Graduate Office. The timeframe for receiving your admission decision may fluctuate annually. Rejection letters will be sent later. In some cases, a minimal second round of admissions may occur based on the response of accepted students to their offers.