2014 MS-HCI Graduate Placement Report

Where do our graduates go, what do they do, and what are their earnings?

In calendar year 2014, 28 students earned their MS-HCI. Of those, 3 are continuing to the PhD – GT in Psychology, GT in Interactive Computing, CMU in HCII.

We have job placement data from 21 of 25 graduates:

Company Role Location
11 Main, an Alibaba Group Company UX/UI Designer San Mateo, CA
Autodesk UX Designer Boston, MA
Cox Communications UX Design Prototyper Atlanta, GA
Epic Business Intelligence Developer Madison, WI
Google UX Designer San Francisco, CA
Google Interaction Designer New York ,NY
GTRI/CTISL UI Lead Atlanta, GA
Harman International Acoustic Systems Engineer Michigan
IBM Associate Designer Austin, TX
IBM Front-end Developer and UX Designer Austin, TX
IBM User Researcher and Designer Pittsburgh, PA
Iron Gaming Product Manager Atlana, GA
Oracle UX Designer Redwood City, CA
Oracle UX Designer Redwood City, CA
Pearson UX Prototyper Boston, MA
SapientNitro/ Second Story Interaction Designer Atlanta, GA
SapientNitro/ Second Story Interaction Design Technologist Atlanta, GA
Veteran's Administration UX Designer Nashville, TN
Yahoo! Design Experience Designer San Francisco, CA
Yahoo! UX Designer Los Angeles, CA
YouTube Interaction Designer San Francisco, CA

And starting salary information from 17 of 25 graduates:

Average annual salary $88,000
Median annual salary $90,000
Maximum annual salary $114,000
Last modified: Dec. 15, 2015