Summer 2020 Internship Report

First-year MS-HCI students complete an internship in the summer between their second and third semesters in the program. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Summer 2020, most students worked remotely.

Company Location
Alibaba Cloud Hangzhou, China
Alibaba Shanghai, China
Amazon San Francisco, CA
Amazon Seattle, WA
Amazon Web Services Seattle, WA
Amazon Web Services Seattle, WA
Atlassian Mountain View, CA
Autodesk San Francisco, CA
Autodesk Boston, MA
CCCIS Chicago, IL
CCDC Detroit, MI
Chewy Boston, MA
Emory University Atlanta, GA
EA Redwood City, CA
Emory University Atlanta, GA
Facebook Menlo Park, CA
Facebook Menlo Park, CA
Facebook  Seattle, WA
Facebook Menlo Park, CA
Fjord Atlanta, GA
Georgia Tech OIT Atlanta, GA
Georgia Tech Research Institute Atlanta, GA
Google Seattle, WA Los Angeles, CA
Johnson & Johnson Raynham, MA
Kessel Run, U.S. Air Force Boston, MA
Lucid Software South Jordan, UT
MongoDB New York, NY
McKesson Dallas, TX
NASA, Ames Research Center Mountain View, CA
NCR Atlanta, GA
Nutanix San Jose, CA
Pandora Atlanta, GA
Pumpkin (Zoetis) New York, NY
Roadie Atlanta, GA
Salesforce San Francisco, CA
Slack Technologies, Inc. San Francisco
Smarttwigs New Jersey
State Farm Atlanta, GA
The Coca-Cola Company Atlanta, GA
The Home Depot Atlanta, GA
Trend Micro San Jose, CA
Uber New York City, NY
Verizon Connect Alpharetta, GA
VMware Palo Alto, GA
Walmart Inc. Bentonville, AK
Zillow Seattle, WA
Placement data from previous years:
Last modified: Sep. 20, 2020