2021 Internship Report

First-year MS-HCI students are required to complete an internship in the summer between years 1 and 2 in the program. Due to the COVID pandemic in the summer of 2021, the process of finding an internship was especially complicated. Most students reported working remotely with their employers.

Company Location
Akupara Games Los Angeles, CA
AthenaHealth Austin, Texas
Autodesk San Rafael, CA
Blend Labs, Inc. San Francisco, CA
Discovery, Inc. New York, NY
Flexport San Francisco, CA
Garmin Olathe, KS
Girls Who Code NYC
Honeywell Connected Enterprise Atlanta, GA
Intelsat Chicago, IL
Logitech Newark, CA
Mailchimp Atlanta, GA
MathWorks Inc. Natick, Massachusetts
Microsoft Redmond, WA
MongoDB New York City
Motorola Salt Lake City, UT
NCR Atlanta, GA
NCR Atlanta, GA
OneTrust Atlanta, GA
OneTrust Atlanta, GA
Paradowski Creative St. Louis, MO
Rhymes with Reason San Diego, CA
Salesforce San Francisco, CA
ServiceNow Santa Clara, CA
State Farm Atlanta / Dunwoody GA
Thinkcar Ontario, CA
UserTesting Chamblee, GA
Vee Venture New York City, NY
Placement data from previous years:
Last modified: Oct. 25, 2021